STMUN (12/5-6) 義大國際中學

張貼者:2014年12月17日 下午6:01Peter Lang

Our elective class students finally had their first major MUN experience after months of preparation. We attended the sixth annual Southern Taiwan Model United Nations (STMUN) held at I-Shou International School in Kaohsiung. The two-day event was well-planned and included a dinner and Winter Carnival on the first night. Our ladies really enjoyed that unique experience.
During the conference, they made their opening speeches, lobbied with other delegates to make compromises, merged their draft resolutions to create unified solutions, debated on the merits of theirs and others' resolutions, and then finally voted on the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. 
The SKMUN Elective delegates performed well despite the pressure of being the only local school involved - all others were American or International schools. There were even schools from Saudi Arabia and the Philippines involved. 
Congratulations to all those involved! We're now looking forward to TainanMUN, TAIMUN, and of course, SKMUN in August, 2015!