STMUN (12/5-6) 義大國際中學

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Our elective class students finally had their first major MUN experience after months of preparation. We attended the sixth annual Southern Taiwan Model United Nations (STMUN) held at I-Shou International School in Kaohsiung. The two-day event was well-planned and included a dinner and Winter Carnival on the first night. Our ladies really enjoyed that unique experience.
During the conference, they made their opening speeches, lobbied with other delegates to make compromises, merged their draft resolutions to create unified solutions, debated on the merits of theirs and others' resolutions, and then finally voted on the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. 
The SKMUN Elective delegates performed well despite the pressure of being the only local school involved - all others were American or International schools. There were even schools from Saudi Arabia and the Philippines involved. 
Congratulations to all those involved! We're now looking forward to TainanMUN, TAIMUN, and of course, SKMUN in August, 2015!


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STMUN Training Session II (11.30)

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With STMUN less than a week away, we met up with the students on a chilly Sunday morning to help them with the final preparations for the conference. The focus today was on finalizing DRs, pre-merging, and improving students' debating techniques with a mock MUN. The students got tips on how to craft an opening and supporting speech, how to make and answer POI's, and the best ways to get out of a tight spot. All in all, they learned a lot and had a good time. 

Mock MUN (11.18)

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Our SKMUN elective class students participated in a mock MUN today. The main purpose was to give them some experience with MUN rules and procedures. We debated just one operative clause dealing with a potential dress code for teachers. The students learned a lot and participated well. We're all looking forward to the upcoming STMUN event!!

STMUN Training Session (11.1.2014)

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Our dedicated SKMUN advisors and SK civics teachers hosted a training session this past weekend for all of our SKMUN club members and MUN elective class students. The focus was on understanding and researching their STMUN issues and beginning to write their position papers. The next training session will be on 11.29 and will focus on finishing up Draft Resolutions and preparing for STMUN through debate practice and a mock MUN. Look forward to seeing everyone there!


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MUN Elective Class Presentations

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Elsa and Wendy presenting on ISIS

Our MUN Elective Class has made a series of presentations about various current world issues. From ISIS to Scottish Independence to the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong, our students have shown a lot of interest and improved knowledge about lots of world issues. The next step will be looking at the issues for STMUN and reviewing 
The students listening carefully to the presentations
S2 student Angel giving her opinion on the Hong Kong protests
Discussing the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea
A presentation from 3 S2 students about the situation in Hong Kong
Listening to a multimedia presentation
Our Belgian exchange student Melissa listening to the presentations and participating in the discussions

2014 SKMUN III- 會議實況剪輯

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2014 SKMUN III- 活動準備剪輯

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2014 第三屆聖功中/英文模聯活動 SKMUN III

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2014/08/09 SKMUN III 盛大開幕



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