Bridge Over Troubled Water - 把一條河 (10/18)

張貼者:2014年10月19日 晚上10:31Peter Lang   [ 黃德亮 已於 2014年12月13日 凌晨4:51 更新 ]

Our next unit in class will be dealing with new immigrants to Taiwan, the so-called New Taiwanese (新住民). In preparation for this theme, on Saturday the students watched the excellent documentary "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Chinese title: 把一條河). The film covers the story of how a town, Jia-xian (甲仙) has recovered from the Typhoon Morakot disaster in 2009. It also details the lives of the people in the town, particularly Jia-xian Elementary's tug-of-war team and the New Taiwanese living in the area. Through this movie, the students can get a sense of the challenges that New Taiwanese face and how they have contributed to Taiwan and Taiwanese culture. 
Watching the movie was followed by each student filling out a reflection form and then participating in a class discussion on the movie and its themes.