S1A 上學期活動

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Trip to 眉溪部落 Aboriginal Village (11/27-29)

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Our group photo just after arriving
Our class just came back from our big trip to Mei-Xi Village in Nantou county. The people living in Mei-Xi are from the Seediq tribe (賽德克族). They introduced the students to many facets of the their culture, including weaving, archery, hunting, traditional dance and music, traditional housing, and the way the tribe interacted with its environment. Our girls learned a lot and had a lot of fun along the way. 

Guest Lecture Series - 新住民講座(11.8)

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從越南到台南, 從女工到博士生: 在台的經驗與觀察

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hà (阮氏青河小姐) came to share her experiences as a "New Taiwanese" with our class. She discussed how she went from a graduate of Vietnam's top university with a degree in French to a low-paid factory worker in Taiwan. She then discussed how she studied Mandarin, became a graduate student at NCKU, became a Vietnamese teacher, started her family, and opened up her own business. Definitely an amazing woman with lots of insights on the experience of Vietnamese and other New Taiwanese in Taiwan. Her two-hour talk was extremely informative and meaningful. We appreciate her taking the time to talk to us!

國際禮儀講座 (10.31)

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Thanks to our friends at the Sheng Kung Counseling Center for arranging today's very interesting speech. A professor from Dayeh University came to share the meaning of politeness and etiquette when abroad. She shared some very interesting stories from her own experiences traveling Our ladies really enjoyed the speech, along with peers from two other SK classes. What a great way to spend Halloween!

Bridge Over Troubled Water - 把一條河 (10/18)

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Our next unit in class will be dealing with new immigrants to Taiwan, the so-called New Taiwanese (新住民). In preparation for this theme, on Saturday the students watched the excellent documentary "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Chinese title: 把一條河). The film covers the story of how a town, Jia-xian (甲仙) has recovered from the Typhoon Morakot disaster in 2009. It also details the lives of the people in the town, particularly Jia-xian Elementary's tug-of-war team and the New Taiwanese living in the area. Through this movie, the students can get a sense of the challenges that New Taiwanese face and how they have contributed to Taiwan and Taiwanese culture. 
Watching the movie was followed by each student filling out a reflection form and then participating in a class discussion on the movie and its themes.


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The Origins of Taiwanese and Aboriginal Languages

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(10.9.2014) Professor Lekun Chen from the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Department of Taiwanese Literature came to discuss the origins of the Taiwanese language and the Austronesian Aboriginal languages here in Taiwan. The students learned about the different accents in Taiwanese and where they came from. They also learned about the growth and change in Taiwanese over time and how it remains quite different from the Minnan dialect still in use in China. The students also heard about how the languages spoken throughout the Asian Pacific, from the Philippines all the way to Easter Island, Hawaii, and New Zealand, are all Austronesian languages and most likely originated in Taiwan. The students were amazed by the language diversity we have here in Taiwan

Preserving Our Mother Tongues

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(10.4.2014) After reading an article from the Taipei Times about the loss of Taiwanese language ability in the younger generations, and reading an article from a history book discussing previous language politics and policies during the Martial Law period, the students listened to a speech from a teacher from Tainan First Girls High School (TNGS). Ms. Judy Huang shared her experiences about educating her two children in their mother tongue, Taiwanese. She also discussed the concept of "cultural imperialism" with the students and how it has affected Taiwan over the past 100 years.

Presentations on Taiwanese Culture

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(9.15-17) Our class has an exchange student from Belgium, Melissa Clabault, studying with us this year. In order to let her know more about Taiwan and Taiwanese culture, our class presented different aspects of our culture that they find interesting or unique. Our students presented about night market culture, traditional Taiwanese houses, different kinds of creative packaging, Taiwanese temples and goddesses, Tainan street art, and Taiwanese festivals. Melissa learned a lot and had a great time.

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