TainanMUN 2015 (02.05 - 02.06.2015)

張貼者:2015年4月20日 晚上11:30Peter Lang   [ 黃德亮 已於 2015年6月4日 上午8:32 更新 ]

Our SKMUN ladies took part in Tainan First Senior High School's (TNFSH) TainanMUN 2015. This was the fifth year of TainanMUN and the first time it was planned and executed totally by the TNFSH MUN club. The boys did a fantastic job and are definitely an inspiration of how to host an MUN event. Our ladies enjoyed themselves and performed extraordinarily well. There were 2 main submitters and numerous supporting speeches. Great work, ladies. See you again next year, TNFSH!

TainanMUN 2015