TAIMUN XIII (04.15.2015 - 04.17.2015)

張貼者:2015年4月20日 晚上11:47Peter Lang   [ 黃德亮 已於 2015年6月4日 上午8:30 更新 ]

This last week, our SKMUN ladies took part in the annual TAIMUN  conference. TAIMUN is hosted by  the American School in Taichung (AST) and this is the thirteenth year of the conference. Total, there were  more than 400 delegates in 10 councils. The AST team was incredibly well-prepared and this conference offered the highest level of MUN participation for  our club. Many of our future SKMUN leaders and chairs attended the conference to gain experience and watch how the AST crew pulled off the large, well-organized event. I was very proud of our ladies who tried their best to get involved and meet their own goals. We'll be back next year for sure!