The UN Game

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The highlight of the semester so far was the UN Game. This is a game that I created with an old friend many years ago. The basics of the game are simple: the students create their own country in a make-believe world, give it a government, make a flag, create a history, then deal with different domestic and foreign situations. Through the game, they make trades and alliances with other groups and frequent speeches in front of the UN. It's a great opportunity for the students to practice speech-making and critical thinking in a fun environment.

Student Rebecca making her speech as Queen Rebecca at the UN meeting on the final day

At the end of the game, after deciding on several situations, there was a simulated war between several of the countries. The conflict, like most conflicts in the real world, centered around territory and resources. After the resolution of the war, the leaders of each country made a speech in front of the UN to sum up their experiences.

Saturday War on Bigbearth.mp4

The closing video from the UN meeting. I added the audio in live myself.

UN Game

Peter Lang,
2015年4月21日 晚上8:56