Presentations on Civil Society

張貼者:2015年4月21日 晚上8:40Peter Lang   [ 黃德亮 已於 2015年6月4日 上午8:52 更新 ]

As part of their curriculum for the International Education class, S1A learned about civil society. They learned the difference between civic groups - such as Greenpeace, the Red Cross, and The Society of Wilderness - and youth movements - such as the Sunflower Movement or Occupy Central. After the first two classes introduced them to the subject, they were given time to discuss in small groups the similarities and differences between the two kinds of groups and what their goals, methods, and advantages are. Following that, the students split up into groups and selected either a civic group or youth movement to report on. Using their HTC Flyers, the students did some guided research online about their topic and then delivered a presentation with ppts, pictures, or videos. The students reported on a wide variety of groups, ranging from the Jasmine Revolution to the May 68 movement in France to the Red Cross in Taiwan. They all did a marvelous job!