Trip to Chimei Village (奇美部落) 6.29-7.3.2015

張貼者:2015年7月26日 下午6:51Peter Lang
 The first week of summer vacation, 15 S1A students accompanied their teacher Peter and his family to Chimei Village in Ruisui, Hualian County (花蓮縣瑞穗鄉奇美部落). Chimei is an Amis village with a long and rich history and a still-thriving traditional culture. During the five-day camp, the students had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences and learned more than they could have in class. They made things (rice wine, winter melon tea, traditional cutlery, satchels), did things (climbing betel nut trees, cooking their own food, heating their own hot water,  gathering wild vegetables,  pounding mochi) and learned things (singing, traditional Amis age-level culture, matrilineal societal structure, how to appreciate nature). Most of all, they had a good time and learned a lot. Here are a few pictures .

Most of the girls had to ride in the back of a truck to reach the village

The whole group, with the house they stayed in behind them

Getting some knowledge about traditional ways of life from Kacaw, our friendly guide

Hiking in the mountains, foraging for wild vegetables

Helping with some farm work (scooping up dried corn into giant bags)

Starting to float down the Hsiukuluan River

  Finishing our work and getting ready to go out on an adventure. What a great trip!!

Chimay 奇美部落 ‎(6.29-7.3.2015)‎