New Taiwanese Forum (4.30.2015)

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A group photo with S1A and our 3 honored guests

The ladies of S1A (along with some lucky girls from J1C and J1E) were once again fortunate to have a visit from three New Taiwanese (新住民) to discuss their experiences in Taiwan. The three speakers hailed from three different countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia) and all graciously shared about their lives in Taiwan and how their lives might be similar to and different from our students. They also answered numerous questions from the audience, including several in Taiwanese! We're so happy to have them come and we hope they can come again soon!

Mr. Lu Viet Hung (呂越雄先生)  from Vietnam

Ms. Venny Cheng (鄭翠芳小姐) from Indonesia

Ms. Jenny Chen (陳淑慧小姐) from Cambodia

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