Visit to Kabuasua Siraya Village (吉貝耍西拉雅族)

張貼者:2015年11月3日 晚上10:25Peter Lang   [ mie 已於 2016年3月21日 下午5:09 更新 ]

  On 11/3, our S2A ladies had a great opportunity to visit Kabuasua and learn about the history, culture, and language of the Siraya Tribe, which is recognized by the Tainan City Government as a local tribe. They not only learned a lot of history they can't find in their history books, but also got to visit the village, learn about the religion of the Siraya Tribe, and finished up the day by making some "banana mochi." It was a fantastic day in a beautiful place. Big thanks to 段老師 and all the Siraya team for making it possible. We'll be back soon!!