B-3 拼圖台灣-原民、移民、新住民的家鄉情

Visit to Kabuasua Siraya Village (吉貝耍西拉雅族)

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  On 11/3, our S2A ladies had a great opportunity to visit Kabuasua and learn about the history, culture, and language of the Siraya Tribe, which is recognized by the Tainan City Government as a local tribe. They not only learned a lot of history they can't find in their history books, but also got to visit the village, learn about the religion of the Siraya Tribe, and finished up the day by making some "banana mochi." It was a fantastic day in a beautiful place. Big thanks to 段老師 and all the Siraya team for making it possible. We'll be back soon!! 

SKYPE Conversation with Hiro High School

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On 10/24, our S2A ladies had a special opportunity to have a SKYPE chat with some high school students from Hiro High School in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Both our ladies and the Hiro students were nervous at first, but after a few technical difficulties, everyone warmed up and had a good time chatting. The ladies talked about special foods and special festivals, their school lives, and their favorite pop idols and TV shows. It was a great chat and hopefully we get the chance to talk to each other again someday!!

Understanding the Siraya Tribe

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Our 國際教育班 is starting a unit about understanding Tainan's Siraya Tribe, a Pingpu Aboriginal Tribe that has yet to be officially recognized by the government of Taiwan. 
There is an excellent website available in English and Chinese available here
Our S2A class will be making a trip to Jibeishua on 11/3 to learn more.
(Some of our teachers even took the time to visit Jibeishua to witness the Night Festival on 10/16) 

Jibeishua Night Festival (吉貝耍夜祭)

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